Purchase of Access Codes and Connection to the Service

  1. Send an SMS message from your mobile phone with the code wifi according to the duration you prefer to:
    • 6100 for 30 minutes of connection (price €1,33 incl. VAT).
    • 6200 for 60 minutes of connection (price €2,03 incl. VAT).
    • 6300 for 120 minutes of connection (price €3,05 incl. VAT).
      The password to access the Cytanet Wireless Zone service will be sent
      to you.
  2. Type:
    • in the "username" field wfcxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxx is the 8-digit number of the mobile phone from which you have sent the SMS.
    • in the "password" field the access code sent to your mobile phone.
  3. Click on the "Login" button and you will get connected.

The access codes are valid for 90 days after the first connection and can be used in all locations covered by the Cytanet Wireless Zone network.

For information please contact the Cytanet Call Centre on 8000 8080.

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